San Francisco Therapy for Food and Body Image Issues

Are you managing feelings by turning to food? Are you concerned about your weight or the shape of your body to the extent that it affects how you are with others or keeps you from participating in life? Do you struggle to maintain a balanced self-image?

Problems with food or a focus on body image often serve to help manage difficult feelings, thoughts and moods which can result in a cycle of shame and despair. A preoccupation with over-eating, restricting, purging, or focus on weight, size, and body shape can be related to conflicts about identity, sexuality, or lack of power and agency in relationship to others.

Kirsten provides in-depth therapy for problems with food and body image issues to help you break the cycle of deprivation and over-indulgence. Therapy will help you explore and understand your difficulties, and learn to manage feelings without using food to stuff them down, numb out, or disconnect from your body.