San Francisco Therapy for Infidelity
Recovering from an Affair or Betrayal in Relationship

The shock, confusion and intense emotions following infidelity can feel quite overwhelming. The aftermath of an infidelity in your relationship, whether an affair or betrayal, can be an emotionally turbulent time for all involved. Truly understanding the circumstances and the underlying issues in each case of infidelity is the most important way to begin any recovery process.

Do you want to understand what led to the betrayal or affair? Would like to work on rebuilding your relationship? Do you want to move beyond the betrayal, but also make sure that it won’t happen again?

Surviving infidelity means taking certain steps to recover and cope with the effects of the affair or betrayal. It means finding ways to accept what has happened while learning to trust again. Decisions will need to be made about whether you will stay in the relationship to work it out, or move on and end the relationship. Relationships can survive after an affair or betrayal if all involved are willing to openly and honestly talk about the circumstances.

If you want to move forward with recovering from infidelity, working with a professional who specializes in infidelity issues is important. Therapy provides a non-judgmental place to be honest and real about what may have led to the infidelity or betrayal. There is typically more to an affair or betrayal than appears to be the case.

Kirsten specializes in working with infidelity in both traditional and alternative relationships. Her style is interactive, direct, and practical. She will collaborate with you, working towards understanding your experience and needs, while helping you to practice new ways to manage your emotions, reduce conflict, increase intimacy, and recover from infidelity.