San Francisco Kink-Aware Therapy
Psychotherapy for BDSM-Sexuality

Do you want to work with a therapist who understands BDSM? Are you concerned about being misunderstood if your sexual practices were to come up? You may feel more comfortable with a kink-aware therapist.

A kink-aware therapist does not automatically assume your kink is problematic or that your alternative sexual practices are perverse. They have specialized training, knowledge, and skill in providing culturally-competent care to those who are BDSM-identified or who practice BDSM sexuality in their relationships.

Kirsten is a kink-aware therapist who works extensively with the complexity and diversity of sexuality. She understands that most kink-identified folks are simply looking for therapy regarding issues unrelated to their sexuality, and want to know that their therapist can handle their sexuality and relationship information without making assumptions.