San Francisco Therapy for Addiction and Substance Abuse
Harm Reduction and Abstinence Approaches

Are you managing your feelings, thoughts and moods by using substances, or engaging in behaviors that are causing distress and upset in your life? Has someone in your life expressed concern about your behaviors? Do you continue to do this despite adverse consequences?
Addiction, or self-destructive behavior, affects you and your relationships in many different ways. Whether you are seeking help with the effects of growing up in a family where there was addiction, or you have had problems with addiction, therapy can help you identify how to make changes.

Therapy can help you address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of destructive behaviors in order to find and maintain moderation or recovery. Therapy can offer help and guidance in the process of understanding how your behaviors have affected your life and your relationships. Therapy is also a place to identify patterns and explore alternative ways of dealing with stress in order to promote balance and enhance your relationships.

Kirsten works with individuals, relationships, and families to determine how to help change the circumstances around addiction, or self-destructive behavior, that is causing the difficulties. She is experienced in both harm-reduction and abstinence approaches, and is interested in helping you to find ways to reduce the unnecessary conflict and shame in your life.