San Francisco Therapy With Teens

Questions Teens Have About Therapy

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What would therapy be like?

  • You would have a non-judgmental adult to talk with about any problems you might have
  • You will be treated as the expert about yourself (you know yourself the best)
  • You don't need to just talk about feelings or answer a bunch of personal questions
  • You would have a place to be real and honest with yourself about what you want and need
  • You will not be blamed for the problem

Why would I see a therapist?

  • Your parents might think you need someone besides them to talk about things going on in your life
  • You might be in trouble and need some guidance to work through the problem
  • To have someone help you respond to others concerns about you
  • To tell your side of the story
  • To have someone help you by working with your parents so they understand more about what's going on with you

How can a therapist help me?

  • A therapist can help you understand your problems or why others think you have problems
  • A therapist can help you figure out what you want from life and how to get it
  • A therapist can work with your parents, teachers or others who think you have problems understand where you are coming from
  • A therapist can help you understand why your parents or others are so worried or upset

What is important to keep in mind about therapy?

  • What you want from therapy is up to you
  • You can figure out how you will solve your problems
  • There is no blaming
  • Coming to therapy doesn't mean that you are the problem