San Francisco Sex-Positive Therapy
Straight, LGBTQ, and Alternative Communities

Do you want to work with a therapist who understands your sexuality? Are you seeking greater intimate connection, or concerned that your sexuality will be seen as problematic? Perhaps, you have experienced changes in sexual desire, had performance problems, or have just felt inhibited from seeking therapy for issues unrelated to your sexuality? If so, it might be helpful to talk with a psychotherapist who is comfortable with the diversity of human sexuality.

Our sexuality is profoundly personal and can sometimes feel difficult to talk about. Feeling comfortable with your sexuality, sexual identity and orientation, and sexual functioning is important to your overall satisfaction in life.

Understanding your unique sexuality is important for your relationship with yourself, your body, and to others. Our sexual beliefs, attitudes and practices affect how we feel about ourselves in general, so not just when we’re sexual. Human sexuality varies a great deal, so people have different ways of being sexual, as well as have varying gender identifications and orientations that work for them.

Kirsten is a sex-positive individual and relationship psychotherapist who has extensive training and experience working with the diversity of human sexuality, including mainstream and alternative sexual lifestyles (kink, BDSM, poly, fetish, sex work), and various gender identities and sexual orientations (LGBTQQ). In addition to being a licensed psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, she holds a certification from San Francisco Sex Information as a sex educator.